Divorced Phonologist Is Looking For Anyone

How’s it going everyone? I am pleased to introduce myself, my name is Voiaoaḁlliolz Shery Öreȧlmplüphbo.

I once lived in the South Sandwich Islands. At present I call Switzerland my home. I would like to be whooping it up around Saint Petersburg, Russia or Omsk, Russia, where I can learn foreign languages, like the easiest language I’ve ever heard of, Jalaa, visit the library, work on new conlangs, and play soccer.

I have had scores of diversions and hobbies throughout my days, even though they seem to adjust with time. At the present time I like to add to my Star Wars collection, and go geyser gazing.

This is a photo of me impersonating Teresa Brewer for Halloween.

My most insignificant pamphlets have been scribed about German. Best-known tomes of mine include Jumbled Zany Phonology in Chukchi, Offbeat Sweltering Etymology for the Efficient Prescriptive Etymologist, and Precious Subjects in Unbiased Syntax. While school is in session I am a profesor at a lesser, dreadful land-grant prepatory school in Bordeaux, France. I like cognitive linguistics, principally in the pre-history of Khmer, Aini, and Gelangali.



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