Semantician Seeks Phonologist For Romantic Sweetheartship

Sveiki y’all. I’m Ǽubróyüklŏec Mandy Xịllyiïfrirnȧo. I’m really apprehensive about being here.

I have included a snapshot of me pretending to be Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini for Halloween about two months ago.

I was raised in Cologne, Germany. After my last move the Czech Republic is where my heart is. Surprisingly, I would like to be relaxing in Cape Coral, Florida, where my friends and I can sculpt, do fieldwork on my favorite language, Khasi, and go surfing, as well as visit the library.

My other livelihood is as a miller. I’m not a real-life linguist. In my free time I have been inventing a vocabulary for a historical romance journal article, a hybrid of Mapudungun, Ao, and Hebrew.

My leisure activities include talking on the CB radio, adding to my souvenir collection, and composing music.

Bis dann!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #F750695

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