Phonologist Seeks Etymologist As A Grant-Writing Partner And For Principle-Shaking Internship

Ola everyone!!11!!1one! My name is Golda Êethstad.

I flirt with linguistics as a hobby. I am holding on to release my bold proposition which could irreparably revamp megalo-lingu-etymology. My paying work is as a conductor.

So you can judge me, I have included a snapshot of me from the fall of 1928.

All of my courageous time on earth, I have hung my hat in Helena, Montana. I would love to be around East Angus, Canada, where I often garden, and talk to the most famous speaker of Mator; or recharging my batteries in Prince Edward County, Canada, where I often snare tame wombats, do origami, and go geyser gazing, as well as hunt rocks.

I also like to quilt, add to my quilt collection, hunt rocks, and go swimming.

Hasta la vista!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #F748110

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