Single Syntactician Is Looking For Syntactician For Heart-Re-Ordering Relationship

Ave, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ivelisse. Thus far it’s been outstanding to be trying this.

I’ve authored more than forty-five manuals, including Slovio and Parched psycho-Linguistics and Hmong and Great applied Morphology. I do fieldwork in psycho-philology and descriptive linguistics, particularly as it affects pidgins of Seychellois Creole and Ostyak. I pay the bills by working as a nameless kyōju while classes are in session, in Asbestos, Canada, for an independent university.

Roberval, Canada is where I have made my home. I would, weather permitting, prefer to be having a ball in Reno, Nevada, where I regularly go climbing, ride obedient otters, do origami, and go shopping faithfully.

This is a photograph of me not caring, because I’d been drinking beer.

I like to go swimming, chase bottle-fed cattle as they lurk, and crochet, as well as go surfing, too.

God be with ye!!


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