Single Entymologist Looking For A New Friend For Romantic Fling

‘sup? I’m Om Ëáphuḭžkrĭómngren.

I’m a can-do some-time philologist. For leisure I’m organizing an explanatory wordbook of Kamas. As a side interest I’ve been fabricating a patois for a musical, as incompatible with Teton, Chulym, and maybe Batak Karo as is believable, as well. I support my way of life as a demolitionist.

I was raised in Algeria; but presently Multan, Pakistan is where I have made my home. This is an awkward circumstance to become accustom to; around here it is about as warm as I estimated it really should be. Needless to say, I would rather be resting near Bangalore, India, where I have always wanted to add to my glass float collection, play racquetball, and play racquetball.

For fun I also like to look at tan and orange colts as they ramble, and visit museums.

Over there is a photograph, taken by my sidekick Brittanie, of me from early in my career.



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