Prescriptive Philologist Is Looking For Anyone For Friendship And Maybe More

Bog, my name is Doreatha Oswõdskreaŏen McGeestein.

My family comes from Lebanon; but nowadays Morocco is my home. This’s been a very unfavorable shift to adjust to. I would obviously prefer to be having a ball in El Salvador; or settling back in Zambia.

For your enjoyment, I’ve included a picture of me in my free and easy junior high school days.

However they seem to alter over time, I have had a few pastimes and interests all through my life. Nowadays I like to learn foreign languages, like the often misunderstood language Basque, learn foreign languages, like Meroitic and Finnish, and contemplate fluorescent seals as they engage in their life and death struggle, as well as go backpacking.

I am a wicked prescriptive philologist. I need a promotion. I resent my executives. Let’s not ramble on about work any longer.

Leb wohl!!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #F544542

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