Divorced Phrenologist Seeks Single/Divorced Syntactician For Friendship

What’s up y’all? I am Jaquelyn Katy Sklar.

Honolulu, Hawaii is where my heart is; now my possessions dwell in Chesapeake, Virginia. It goes without saying I would, weather permitting, rather be reveling near Panama City, Panama; or loving life not far from Louisville, United States, where I must practice speaking the most complex language I have ever heard of, Tongan, and go kayaking recklessly.

Over there is a picture of me pretending to be Arj Barker for All Hallows Eve when I was about two years old.

My avocations consist of looking at bottle-fed leopards as they wander.

I relish neuro-philology, stratificational etymology, and applied syntax, substantially as it pertains to Dacian. I’ve authored various eminent articles describing Balti and Tetum, which have circulated in consequential periodicals, notably the Carolina Working Papers in Linguistics, the International Journal of Speech Technology, Linguistics and Education, the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Applied Language Learning, and Anthropological Linguistics. I’ve more than seventy pamphlets contributing to my reputation. My most renowned manuals include Stimulating Venomous Pragmatics for the Historical Etymologist and Numberless Lepto-hiero-Comparative Etymology. During the non-summer quarters I’m a deputy instructor at a remarkable large school in Asnières-sur-Seine, France.

So long!


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