Phonologist Seeks Married Morphologist For Parameter-Wrenching Relationship

As they say in Zway, Øëmåḭssuuvscẽurlo thriuůpuímcrůrchëomn, sweúscüỳôrlÿieclo crobŷos pruōdaorn, let me to introduce myself, my name is Zīıp.

I am a committed amateur linguist. I have been anticipating my opportunity to bring to light my poorly imposing idea which shall fleetingly reshape entymology. I make my living as a forklift operator.

My leisure activities encompass visiting the library, doing fieldwork on Sonjo, Kensiu, or Aramaic, and going for long walks, as well as adding to my fountain pen collection.

I have lived in Missouri for my entire life, and I love it. I would, without a doubt, much rather be having the time of my life around Vienna, Austria, where my family and I can crochet, and learn a little more Yauma.

This is a photograph of me celebrating a recent birthday.



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