Single Etymologist Is Seeking A New Friend For Parameter-Busting Relationship

Zdravo, my name is Evalyn. Up until now it has been magnificent to be trying this.

For my entire piquant life I have lived and worked in Montana. I would much rather be soothing my nerves in Zaragoza, Spain or Munich, Germany, where I regularly keep from getting rusty in Arpitan or Beothuk, and learn foreign languages, like the most interesting language I know, Micmac.

I pay the bills as an unknown vice-kyōju, in Portage la Prairie, Canada, at a junior correspondence-course grammar school. My most popular manuals have been scribed about Evenk and Upland Yuman. Best-loved pamphlets of mine include Ad hoc Pragmatics in Pengo. I’ve authored a few articles, about a lot of languages. My most noteworthy research has been in historical etymology, exclusively as it affects Nanai.

My leisure activities include playing tennis, learning a little more the most fasinating language I know, Malagasy, and learning foreign languages, like Scottish Gaelic and the weirdest language I know, Ongota, as well as adding to my beer mug collection.

At right’s a picture of me out for a night out on the town.

That is all!!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #F401118

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