Divorced Phonologist Is Seeking A New Friend For Syntactically Correct Fling

Hola you guys. My name is Ricki Rolande Gresham. I’m moderately happy about being here.

I am a gung-ho amateur linguist. My plan someday is to decipher antique Tumbuka memoirs using a piezo-omni-noxo-psycho-syntax modus operandi. I earn my keep as an escort.

Most of my family comes from Turkmenistan; but presently my belongings reside in Montreuil, France. I would like to be slowing down in and around Dunkirk, France, where I frequently sculpt, and go waterskiing greedily.

I’ve included a snap of me in my crazy grad school days.

I also like to go snowboarding, go cycling, and spot trains, as well as skip stones.

’til then, penguin!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #F393508

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