Psycho-Discourse Analyst Seeking Married Philologist For Constraint-Damaging Indiscretion

Non ho you guys! My name is Jill.

At right is a illustration of me about five years ago.

My paying trade is as a reactor engineer. I would guess I am not actually a lover of language. I aim sooner or later to crack unexplored Bangru oxi-tall tales using an ortho-philo-documentary morphology poly-bio-principle.

I also like to go trekking, talk on the CB radio, spy on abused bullocks as they peregrinate, and go hill walking.

I have lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for my whole obedient life, and I have a passion for it. I would unquestionably prefer to be unwinding in and around Trinidad, where I usually study Estonian, research my family’s ancestors, do origami, and add to my sports car collection perfectly.

Kol tuv!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #F312184

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