Syntactician Seeks Sociolinguist For Friendship

Bonjour y’all! My name is Annika Charis Harder.

I’m an abrasive syntactician. I am looking for a brawnier PC.

Even though they seem to adjust over time, I have had several enthusiasms and avocations all through my life span. At present I like to look at bottle-fed hamsters, fly kites, and talk to the last native speaker of Lambadi.

For your amusement, I’ve included a photo of me from the summer of 2001.

I once lived in Sierra Leone; but anymore I work and live in Drummondville, Canada. I view this as a strenuous occurrence for me. That said, this burg is not nearly as dull as I supposed it would be. I would much rather be sitting back in Princeton, New Jersey or Houston, Texas, where I often garden, and seek domesticated monkeys rudely.



Link here: SpecGram Personals #F279682

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