Morphologist Seeks A New Friend For May-December Dictatorship

Hey!! My name is Loma. So far it’s been excellent to be trying this. I suppose this will go nicely.

I have included a photo of me impersonating Edmond O’Brien for a play.

I live in Ludhiana, India. I would, weather permitting, prefer to be in and around Birmingham, United Kingdom; or recharging my batteries around Port Colborne, Canada, where I can go canoeing, do fieldwork on the often misunderstood language Konda, go hiking, and hunt fossils suspiciously.

I’m an unwavering occasional linguist. I aspire in the long run to cryo-comprehend enigmatic Tundra Yukaghir diaries. My day job is as a technical engineer.

For fun I also like to go snowboarding.



Link here: SpecGram Personals #F244281

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