Wow!! Look At This!!

Dia is muire dhuit y’all, I am Rosie L. Basslove-Houck. I daren’t believe this will go swimmingly.

My parents came from Freiburg, Germany. Presently I work and live in Norway. This is a very unconventional event to deal with. Though around here it is just about as fast-paced as I hoped it might be. Surprisingly I would rather be having time off in the Netherlands, where I can paint watercolors, work on new conlangs, go waterskiing, and keep from getting rusty in Vogul.

Over there’s a drawing of me strolling around Cambridge.

Even though they seem to adjust over time, I have had a number of pastimes and passions throughout my life. These days I like to feed snails as they make merry, paint watercolors, and play paintball, as well as go hiking.

My serious livelihood is as a porcilinist. I work at linguistics as a form of fun. For fun I’m forming an argot for my own personal joviality, broadly descended from Herero, Motu, and maybe Dalecarlian.



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