Sociolinguist Seeks Same As A Fieldwork Partner And For Romantic Friendship

Merhaba everyone, I am Ḳeɨstuckkliâqárk. I reckon this will go very well.

I have a job as a disillusioned sociolinguist in Somalia. I want a new job. I hardly take pride in my foreman. I shouldn’t go on about my career.

My leisure pursuits take in playing soccer, and making dolls.

I am from Russia. I’ve left and presently my stuff resides in Sierra Leone. Certainly, I would much sooner be enjoying myself near Austin, Texas, where I can learn foreign languages, like Hadramautic or Ngumba, go kayaking, skip stones, and study Blackfoot and the most complex language I know of, Kumauni painfully.

I have included a photograph of me relaxing around the house.

Auf wiederhören!!1!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #F216737

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