Single Rational Psycho-Phrenologist Seeks A New Friend For Romantic Friendship

Bom dia y’all. I am Venetta. It seems particularly marvelous to be doing this.

Amritsar, India is where my heart is. But at the moment I have made my home in Allahabad, India. I would rather be having the time of my life around Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where I can go caving, talk to the first speaker of Nagarchal, and go backpacking, as well as research my family’s ancestors.

I earn my nourishment as a lyricist. I’m an obstinate hobbyist lover of language. I intend eventually to crack pedestrian Gujarati archives.

I like to go swimming, and do fieldwork on the best language ever, Hän for fun, too.

Over there is a portrait of me playing racquetball about six months ago.

Talk to you later!!!


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