Me! Me!! Read This!

How’s it going you guys? I’m pleased to introduce myself, my name is Lacresha D. fitz Hacker.

I am a native of American Samoa. But at present I have taken up residence in Phnom-Penh, Cambodia. I would much rather be hanging loose in and around Armenia, where I like to go canoeing, make dolls, go shopping, and compose music.

I have had assorted hobbies and passions throughout my life span, although they seem to change with time. Nowadays I like to skip stones, keep from getting rusty in A-Pucikwar, keep from getting rusty in my least favorite language, Latvian, and go to Renaissance re-enactments.

This is a picture of me dressed as Steve Carell for Halloween.

I have been an associate editor of the journal Sociolinguistymn glorb Etymologistymn since 1986. My scores of published analyses elucidating Suba are well-known, and have been published in distinguished periodicals, especially the Journal of Language and Linguistics, Evolution of Communication, Estudios de Sociolingüística, Two Lines, and Snippets. I pay the bills by working as an under-appreciated vice-profesor while school is in session, at an exquisite, remarkable small prepatory school in Melfort, Canada.

Keep it real!


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