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Speculative Grammarian

Volume CXCIII, Number 4

April 2024

ISSN: 1938-0720

  To the Fools and Sages of AprilA Letter from April Executive Editor Mikael Thompson
  Brat-Bots: The Awkward Evolution of AICurmudgeonly Old Executive Editor Mikael Thompson
  LinguimericksBook ९८
  Overheard in the Linguistics Student LoungeChesterton Wilburfors Gilchrist, IV
  Precise Quantification of Feline Comprehension of Human LanguageMia Au
  Sample Linguist’s Virtual Social Meeting AgendaThe SpecGram Information Technology Elves™ & The SpecGram Culture and Socialization Elves™
  Quipley’s Don’t Believe It! ... Or Do?
  On Homeopathic LinguisticsTrent Slater
  Retrofuturological Linguistics, Part IIThe Future of Linguistics as Seen from the PastM’Thoozela Oldman and Azhi Dahāka
  Stymie Stylometry!Advertisement
  The Prescriptivist Handbook, 213th EditionBook Announcement from Psammeticus Press
  Mix & Match ##Max & Mitch Ninelette
  Phonetic Drop Quote IUlfheðnar ber Sarkur
  Previous Puzzle SolutionsThe SpecGram Puzzle Elves™