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Have you been unfairly dismissed from an editing position for expressing your objectively correct opinion about the technical correctness and stylistic superiority of suggestions mandatory edits you made?

Noble Language Warriors
Saint Petersburg, FL

Do small-minded authors, agents, and publishers make you cringe at their inability to recognize that your lodestarand yours alonepoints directly toward stylistic True North?

Contrariwise, do the weakest among them cower before your towering intellect and editorial prowess? Do the strongest often cower as well?

If this sounds like you, leave the sad little devil strip of corporate copyediting and join us on the lush lawn of Noble Language Warriors, an editorial collective dedicated to setting authors, agents, and publishers on the stylistic straight-and-narrow!

We take on the toughest of texts, the most meandering of manuscripts, the densest of documents, and we polish those turds rough gems to a high shine.

Our clients can be a bit outré in their subject matter, but they are generally amenable to our suggestionsto your suggestionsbecause they value the distinctive editorial voice that you bring to the proverbial table.

Contact us for rates today!

Stymie Stylometry!Advertisement
The Prescriptivist Handbook, 213th EditionBook Announcement from Psammeticus Press
SpecGram Vol CXCIII, No 4 Contents