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Linguistics 101 Course Syllabus
Fall 2097

University of Coastal Florida, Orlando Island Campus

[Editor’s Note: In September a ferocious bolt of lightning struck the 50 kW broadcast tower that sits atop SpecGram headquarters, broadcasting linguistic wit and wisdom 24 hours a day to literally dozens of listeners across the tri-state area. The power surge knocked out most of our circuits. However, the printing room was filled with a flickering blue light, a crackling sense of electricity, and a faint smell of cinnamon. Our editorial staff watched nervously from outside the door as a printer violently spat out a few sheets of paper, levitated, started rotating rapidly, and suddenly disappeared with a “bloop”. We sent our most junior intern in to investigate. Moments later he ran out shrieking, dropping the following pages.

Unrelatedly, SpecGram is looking for a new intern.]

Instructor Information

Prof. Fleednorb
Room ω2
3x108 Miett Rsprs Ekkont Hall

TA: Anita Eet
Room 1/∞
Grad Student Detention Center 7 of 9

Class Time and Location

1:37–3:03 p.m. M-F Rm B5, Bldg 42, Xenolinguistics Quad

Office Hours

0:01–0:42 a.m. on the fifth Friday of each month (except in November, when the fifth Friday is a holiday)


All personal interactions shall take place in English, as it is painful for Prof. Fleednorb to listen to humans trying to pronounce Plíâkpisïiï words. Humans are asked not to contact zir telepathically because ze is disgusted by what runs through the mind of a typical human teenager. Class accounts have been set up on Instahologram, Yok-Yak-Yik, and Myspace Classic.

Code of Conduct

It is university policy that all students shall treat each other with respect, regardless of race, gender, or planet of origin. Violators of this policy will automatically receive the lowest grade the university allows, a B+.

Required Textbooks

Schedule of Lectures

The Final Exam will be scheduled some time the week of Glor’bon­The­Destroyermber 16th.

Master Course Syllabus RevisionFall 2020LING 950: Dank Senior Semiotics: You Can Even!
Rosetta SteinGerman Language Delivery SystemAdvertisement
SpecGram Vol CLXXX, No 2 Contents