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Germanic Day & The Celebration of Romance

We are making something known to you: Germanic Day!

Speculative Grammarian is happy to tell the world about our new yearly holidayGermanic Day!

What is Germanic Day? It is a day set aside to think about the Germanic roots that can still be found in English. It gives thanks for the lasting strength of Germanic words.

Germanic Day happens on October 13. That was the last day before King Harold was struck down by the Norman gang led by William, and Germanic words at the heart of English began to wane. Before that, English was all Germanic; afterwards, French loanwords took over.

What will we do on Germanic Day? Here are a few of the things we will do:

We ask you to make merry in your home and town on this holiday. Make haste to give best wishes to your friends, using cheerful words and happy sayings that bless each and every man and woman, both on this holiday and on every Germanic Day to come.

Editorial Announcement: The Celebration of Romance

Speculative Grammarian proudly announces our recently created, annual eventthe Celebration of Romance!

What is the Celebration of Romance? It commemorates the donation of Romance vocabulary into English. It celebrates the introduction of Romance terms into our dictionaries.

The Celebration of Romance is appropriately fixed on October 14, the date when William the Conqueror’s army gloriously imported French vocabulary into the core of the English language. Previous to that, English was completely Germanic; subsequently, Latinate terms proliferated.

What activities do we anticipate during this excellent event? A sampling:

Please join the celebrations in your local area. Do not fail to communicate congratulatory, joyous and festive messages, expressing your pleasure and offering persistent Celebrations of Romance to your entire community and acquaintances.

Letters to the Editor
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