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Speculative Grammarian

Volume CLXXIX, Number 4

October 2017

ISSN: 1938-0720

  On BimonthlyA Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
  Letters to the Editor
  /nuz baɪts/
  Linguimericks, Etc.Book ४४
  From the Archives!SpecGram Propaganda XIIIThe SpecGram Archive Elves™
  O, Apostrophe!Anita G. Gorman
  On Ergative-RelativityI. N. Stein
  L.U.R.V.E. is a BattlefieldHow the Internet Ruins Everything AcronymsPat ben Ātar
  The Gropes of Academe: Scenes of the Modern Academy Shadow-Boxing with Itself with One HandNigel Cornelius Blumscote-Haverford
  Linguistic LingerieAdvertisement
  Post ScriptChip Carver