The Cover SpecGram Archives

Speculative Grammarian

Volume CLXXIII, Number 2

June 2015

ISSN: 1938-0720

  Tea Encompasses AllA Large Majority of the SpecGram Editorial Board
  Letters to the Editor
  The Hegemony of American Coffee and the Fight for Universal TeaProf. Dr. phil. Johannes Schomski
  In Defence of Coffee: A Reply to SchomskiTex Rex “T-Rex” Cobb
  The Editors Strike BackReplies to Cobb’s Reply to SchomskiThe SpecGram Editorial Board
  27 Things Linguists Didn’t Know About TeaNumber 12 Made Me Cringe!Bas Fête
  The Origin of the Modern Pronunciation of “Tea”H.D. Onesimus
  “Green Tea” and the Evil Monkey of StructuralismZacharias Esteban von Ordoñez
  Tea: Supreme Ruler of the MorphemesThị Mã Quing, Kofi S. Ucks, Theodore D. Rinker
  Features of Tea: A Potted HistoryPete Bleackley
  The Search for a Universal Beverageme is FutilityFerdinand de Ramotswe
  Which Tea You Should Be DrinkingA Guide by Linguistic SubdisciplineHitosarai Yōkai Ūron
  Get Back to Work!A Rebuttal from the Editor-in-Chief