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A Shameless Plug from the Managing Editor

[Unfortunately, those laggards over at Psammeticus Press were unable to put together an advertisement in time for publication, and we at SpecGram, due to a coincidental temporary illiquidity of certain assets, were almost unable to fund the printing of the present issue. Fortunately, we were able to pimp out this space at the last moment in exchange for the necessary monies.]

The chimpactic minds at Inquirementatinguist, Inc., have made a radical advance in academic publishing: Bric-a-Brain, the Ergationary Macrophonetical Linguish Constranslater, reads hundreds of articles in a chosen fieldespecially those automatically translated from obscure languagesand generates a Cambronnected Processenterestrial Parameworthograph of the aggregate, further demonstrained via differench unfounderstanovation into a sufficultic dichotograph, which is compiled into publishable form by a riveterogator. The results are, in the device’s own terminology, entrustworthless. Below is a sample, which has been accepted for publication in 17 of the 19 journals it was submitted to, including Social Text, Contretemps, Critical Inquiry, and Language. The only journals not to accept it were the American Journal of Epidemiology and Speculative Grammarian.


Letters to the Arthurian prose romances were very widely translated into other languages. The author gratefully acknowledges the support of this relationship.

2 Method

The ethnographic method commonly labeled participant observation was employed. Clearly some fuzzy aspects still remain, decreasing the theoretic emulation costs, while adding to the lucrative field of linguistics. “Pidgins and creoles are not rigid and precise in the amino-transferase family,” a scientist at MIT explained. “This enzyme in turn benefiting the linguistic data cannot be prevented from migrating to KP, using the same category.”

More formally, you can assume it is easier to learn your language, and can thus be expected to believe that it is uniformly pleasant, getting only a few political problems, but they are ready.

7. a orange likewise accounted for a principle, the more often this particular joke is told to A. Katz.

Wealthy taxpayers will get confused and scuttle all their holdings in that sentence. “Now, as far as I know, that’s a relief,” I said. Then we began to interact more with some of its own impressive baroqueness, and the other language is continuing at a time, starting say, optimistically, in 2005. Firstand many will object because of thisnew editions of textbooks show that Sydney Lamb is actually superior to a peasant forebear. This is because scientific investigation has always been. And as far as Jespersen, it is certainly a possibility. The text is entirely unacceptable. The Infinite Recursion Rule, first postulated by Chomsky, is somewhat more realistic in the choices of “grammatical” and “ungrammatical.”

This reporter-in-exile is happy to submit papers on any minor-league baseball player again. At least I think he mistranslated the text of their languages. He thought for many days and then lost one of the categories they movethat is, there is no longer played...

3.2 Genetic Relatedness between Games and the effectiveness of “immersion” programs.

These lines are buried within a framework that allows for more than the rest of modern generative linguistics. But that will be; the true owner of the four fundamental forces is obviously best qualified to report on the metaphorical coattails of the proto-Finno-Ugrians, Urheimat.

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