Choose Your Own Career in Linguistics

Let the adventure begin...

You are a freshman at a respectable university and, in order to fulfill some elective requirements, you sign up for Linguistics 101 because it looks easy and it’s scheduled for MWF at 11, which is tolerable. After a semester of linguistics, you find you enjoy learning odd facts about odd languages and it really isn’t too hard, so you sign up for Linguistics 102 in the spring. The second class is a little harder, and the phonology midterm leaves many of the other students mumbling about how if they wanted an elective this hard they could have taken economics. You pass the phonology midterm with flying colors and your professor suggests majoring in linguistics, and then does so again after you are the only student in the class who seems to grok C-command during the syntax unit. You say you’ll think it over.

Major in linguistics.

Major in something else.