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Call For Papers

International Dolphin Linguistics Society
12th Annual Plenary Congress
on Cetacean Linguistics

The IDLS will hold its annual meeting at 18° S, 180° W at a depth of 1,000 feet (304.8 meters). Accommodations for marine participants will be provided at Koro reef. Human participants should plan to stay on one of the nearby Fiji islands. Outrigger canoes and diving gear can be rented at most local fishing villages.

Papers are invited dealing with any area of cetacean linguistics, including: squeak phonetics, morphology, syntax, whale language acquisition, historical/comparative studies (especially the dolphin/porpoise debate), and humpback prosody. All papers should be presented in Esperanto, Fortran, or any widely-dispersed delphinic language. Presentations will last until any audience member needs to go up for air. (Presenters are also reminded to abide, once again, by last year’s new regulation against inserting Flipper jokes into the text of their papers.)


May 8 - Wednesday
   Morning: Registration
   Afternoon:    Swimming
   Evening: Presidential Address
Dr Horatio Phocaena - “Correlations between delphinic schools of linguistic thought and schools of feeding.”
May 9 - Thursday
   Morning: Papers
   Afternoon:    Swimming
   Evening: Invited Lecture
Leonard Nimoy - “Origins of cetacean language in outer space: new evidence.”
May 10 - Friday
   Morning: Papers
   Afternoon:    Swimming
   Evening: Banquet at Coral Gardens
The Incredible Mr. Limpet - “Surface and aquatic languages: homo/heterogeneity.”
   Night: Farewell Address
Alan Tursiops, A.B.D. - “Prospects for progress in interspecies communication.”

In his pre-dinner address, Mr. Limpet will speak from his own unique experience on the similarities and differences between surface and aquatic languages. We regret this must be a pre- rather than a post-dinner address, but unfortunately Mr. Limpet will not be available after dinner.

Dress for dinner will be formal. Mr. Limpet will be dressed with tartar sauce.

Abstracts should be addressed to: Tank 17, Sea World, CA. (Please laminate your abstracts, as they will otherwise be difficult to read.)

Pinkerton-Umlaut’s Back to Basics: The Real Truth About Language (Review)Dave Kathman
Call for PapersPsammeticus Quarterly
Ps. Q. Vol XVI, No 1 Contents