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From the Editors

This month’s edition, besides containing the usual collection of intriguing and thought-provoking articles, is also marked by the return from sabbatical of our distinguished linguistic cartoonist, Alessandro Filipepi. Sandro tells us that his enforced stay as a guest of the state of Michigan at their Ionia facility has not blunted the tip of his pen or the sharp edge of his wit. Indeed, so sharp was his wit that we found it necessary to revise his current contribution to cause it to fit with our fraternal attitude to our fellow linguists. Sandro’s cartoon can be found here.

Returning to the papers in this week’s edition, we repeat that we find them to be of excellent qualitybut you may judge them for yourselves. However, we are distressed at the lack of quantity of papers. This problem is particularly perplexing, since we never encountered it in preparing earlier issues. Perhaps the cold weather is causing people to slow down. Whatever the cause of this problem, we hope that it will not recur. Attached to this year’s edition is a copy of the current call for papers for the journal. Any questions on this or any matter should be referred to the managing editors.

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