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Re-Speculative Re-Grammarian, Triskaideca­hebdomadally

A Letter from the Re-Editor-in-Chief

In the December 2021 Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, I announced that,

Come 2022, we’ll be re-organizing, re-vamping, re-tooling, and otherwise productively applying re- to various verbs here at SpecGram... SpecGram will plan to publish four times a year.

Natalia Levshina, Dirk Geeraerts, & Dirk Speelman, 2014, “Dutch causative con­struc­tions: Quan­tifi­cation of meaning and meaning of quan­tifi­cation,” in Corpus Methods for Semantics, John Benjamins

Chiasmus of the Month
December 2022

Well, 2022 has comeand nearly goneand this is the fourth of the four quarterly quadriannual semibiannual trimonthly bisesquimonthly nonagintaquotidian triskaidecahebdomadal issues of the year. SpecGram, its Editorial Board, and our various projects and processes have been once again organized, vamped, and tooled, and we are better and more productive for it. Yes, indeed! We allfrom the mightiest of editors to the lowliest of internshave once more cognized the opportunity to flect, cuperate, and cover yet againaping the wards of our juvenation, encore. We are, again, ady for anything.

As the year nears its end and this issue nears publication, I find that I am grateful to and for our editors, contributors, and patrons.* I’m truly grateful for phonology, sociolinguistics, and historical linguistics. I try very hard to be grateful for phonetics, morphology, and semantics. I tolerate pragmatics, discourse analysis, and computational linguistics. And I grudgingly admit that syntax does, in fact, exist.

I am also grateful for SpecGram, and I hope that you, too, have fond feelings toward this, the premier scholarly journal featuring research in the neglected field of satirical linguistics. I hope next year brings each of us more happiness and gratitude, more peace and equanimity, and more felicitous data and elegant theories.

For nowthank you, again, Dear Ader.

* In many sensescustomers, advocates and protectors, wealthy supporters, and supernatural entities who grant mystical power and knowledge to mortals.

Letters to the Editor
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