SpecGram Vol CLXXXII, No 4 Contents Letters to the Editor

As Fall Falls the Leaves,
so Contribute Contributors the Contributions

Keith Slater, Editor of Some Class or Other

It’s fall, and as the leaves fall from the trees, so contributions cascade from the pens of our contributioners.

We do want to remind you, though, that we can’t do any of this without you. Sure, we can write stunning and superlative content ’til the cows come homeand the 1800+ pages of Speculative Grammarian content (how many of those pages have you read?) forcefully bear out this assertionbut let’s face it, this publication is a community endeavor, and some of you slothful readers (you know who you are) aren’t pulling your weight. Reading is good, of course, and buying the SpecGram book is pretty commendable (keep in mind that the book is even more insightful if you read it while drinking from an appropriate coffee mug), but that’s really not what we need readers for. No, what we need readers for is so they will become writers of masterful proseor minimally execrable prosewhich they will submit to us for publication in the Journal Itself.

Delia Chiaro, 2010, “Translation and Humour, Humour and Translation,” in D. Chiaro (Ed.) Translation, Humour, Literature Continuum International Publishing Group.

Chiasmus of the Month
October 2018

Think about how you wasted last evening, reading some vapid (or possibly brilliant) piece on linguistic theory, when you could instead have been sharing with the entire community of professional linguists that funny comment you or your professor or student or classmate threw out offhandedly earlier in the day. You rememberat the time you said “that should be in Speculative Grammarian” (or words very much of that import), and then you finished up the good laugh you were having and you did not do a thing about it later on.

Linguists deserve better than what you’re giving them. They deserve even better than what we are giving them. They deserve the opportunity to share the joy that you are selfishly keeping to yourself.

Share. Write. Submit.

You owe it to us, and you owe it to them.

Letters to the Editor
SpecGram Vol CLXXXII, No 4 Contents