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Speculative Grammarian

Volume CLXXXII, Number 2

August 2018

ISSN: 1938-0720

  All Hail the RomansTHoR, LOKI, and RAGNaROK (!??)A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
  Letters to the Editor
  University News
  Linguistics Nerd CampBethany Carlson
  LinguimericksBook ५३
  The Origin of Tonal Consonants in Native American LanguagesIain Paul Anderson
  A Complainogenic Model of SnoringOtto Rhine O’Leary-Ngoloji and S. Lee Papnea
  The Words of the Prophets Are Written on the Restroom Walls...Art Paul and Simon Garfunkel
  SPhLiMTic GlimpsesSPhLiMT High Committee of Beneficent Overseers
  The History of RomeAdvertisement
  L’Ishing du Gwujlang XILusrveerDorothea Dorfman and Theodora Mundorf