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Dear Readers...

A Letter from Over(t)ly Sentimental Editor Szerető Ljúbjaščij

We love you. We really love you. Your visits to our site empower us, make us strong, give us hope for the future of Linguistics.

If you’ve been reading SpecGram closely, you’ll have already noticed that our theme word for this year is interdependence. Our contributors exude this quality, and as faithful readers you are equal participants in it as well. Without one another, we are nothing. With one another, well, we are really something. And the world cannot help but sit up and take notice when we work out our interdependence together.

Maria do Carmo Lourenço Gomes, Celeste Rodrigues, & Isabel Alves, 2016, “EFFEEscreves como falasfalas como escreves?”, Revue Romane 51:1.

Chiasmus of the Month
August 2017

But there are problems. There always are.

This year’s interdependence is more dependent and less inter than we anticipated. Probably we made a mistake when allowing the January issue to focus on in alone; because without ter, in is really nothing. With ter, of course, in is really something.

You may object that we are just splitting hairs (or morphemes) here, but please notice that we are doing it with you, expressing our interdependence by thinking through these issues together.

We would deeply value your input on these questions. Without your input, we cannot hope to make adequate decisions. The future of linguistics depends upon our working together. Do not let us down!

Please write today.

We love you.

Letters to the Editor
SpecGram Vol CLXXIX, No 3 Contents