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Titles in Fantasy and Sci-Fi Linguistics
from Scholar­tastic Books

Now Available!

Here’s a bunch more titles from Scholartastic Books’ FantLing and SFLing divisionsthe people who brought you Наггу Роттэяthat you might enjoy reading:

  • The Fonology Trilogy, by Isaac Assimilation
    • Fonology
    • Fonology and Emphasis
    • Second-Year Fonology
  • I, Pronoun, by Isaac Assimilation
  • Language Games, by Suzanne Collocations
    • Language Games
    • Clefting Fire
    • Mocking­jargon
  • The Walking Dead Metaphor, by Robert Creakman
  • A Song of Fire and Isoglosses, by George RG Morphotoneme
    • A Game of Phones
    • A Clash of Kinesics
    • A Storm of Words
    • A Feast of Creoles
    • A Dance with Dialects
    • The Words of Winter (forth­coming)
    • A Dream of Sprachbund (forth­coming)
  • The Ditransigent Series, by Veronica Rhothm
    • Ditransigent
    • Inchoagent
    • Alliteragent
  • The Heroes of Oesophagus, by Rick Rootwiordan
    • The Lexicologist Hero
    • The Sonorant of Neptune
    • The Markedness of Athena
    • The Homo­phonousness of Hades
  • The Endoclitic Quintet, by Oral Script Card
    • Endoclitic’s Game
    • Speaker for the Dead Language
    • X-bar-ocide
    • Chiasmus of the Mind
    • Endoclitic in Exile
And here’s a little something extra for the kids!
  • What Does The Faux Ami Say?, by Ylvisrucer

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The Conlanger’s Pasta MachineAdvertisement
EtymGeo™Weird Little U.S. Towns, Part IVThe SpecGram Puzzle Elves™
SpecGram Vol CLXIX, No 3 Contents