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Titles in Fantasy Linguistics
from Scholartastic Books
––– Now Available! –––

Here are even more titles from Scholartastic Books’ FantLing division that you might enjoy reading:

  • Jonathan Livingston Suprasegmental, by Richard Back-Vowel
  • The Singulara Series, by Terry Books
    • The Word of Singulara
    • The Elf Tones of Singulara
    • The Whispering of Singulara
  • Articulatemis Fowl, by Eoin Configurational
  • The Tone is Rising (series), by Susan Copular
    • Underspecified, Overtone
    • The Tone Is Rising
    • Gerundwitch
    • The Grave King
    • Silver on the Syntactic Tree
  • The Little Principle and Parameter, by Antoine de Synt-Expository
  • Charlie and the Chiasmus Factory, by Roald Drawl
  • The Belgerund (series), by David Eddas
    • Pidgin of Prophecy
    • Question of Sorcery
    • Magician’s Geminate
    • Causal of Wizardry
    • Enchanters’ Endangered Language
  • The Privative Bride, by William Glideman
  • Wizard’s First Rule Ordering, by Terry Goodkoine
  • The Farsignifier Series, by Robin Hobject
    • Asterisk’s Apprentice
    • Royal Asterisk
    • Asterisk’s Quest
  • Howl’s Moving Consonantal, by Diana Wynne Junctions
  • Ella Enunciated, by Gail Carson Labiovelarization
  • The Loan, the Calque, and the Word-for-Word Translation, by C. S. Lowercase
  • The Blue Word, by Robin McKompistionality
  • I Am Lengthened, by Richard Metathesization
  • Ergativon, by Christopher Paolindromi
  • Lord of the Orderings (series), by J. R. R. Token
    • The Fellowship of the Ordering
    • The Two Timbres
    • The Return of the Kinship Term
  • The Book of the New Sign, by Gene Wellformed
    • The Schwa of the Torturer
    • The Clause of the Conciliator
    • The Word of the Lictor
    • The Citation of the Autarch
  • The Picture of Dorian Grave-Accent, by Oscar Whistledspeech

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A Menu for Linguists—The SpecGram Chefs
The Stylistic Writing Academy of Academic Writing Style—Advertisement
SpecGram Vol CLVII, No 3 Contents