SpecGram Vol CLXIX, No 3 Contents Letters to the Editor

Big Assibilant ʃpider

A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Members of the SpecGram Cover Fan Club and other observant readers will have noticed that a number of promotions, upgrades, and titular enhancements have recently occurred here in SpecGram Towers. And it is not at all true what they say about the title “Executive”namely, that it’s meaningless but it makes insecure people feel better about themselvesnot at all, Keith. Not at all.

The organisers of the “Wri­ting Re­search Across Bor­ders III” Con­fer­ence, for their Sym­po­si­um “Wri­ting to learn, learn­ing to write. Lit­er­a­cy and dis­ci­pli­nar­i­ty in up­per sec­ond­ary edu­ca­tion”, held in Paris, France, Feb­ru­ary 2014.

Chiasmus of the Month
March 2014

It is, however, odd that we have so many Editorial Associates with umlauts in their names, but nary a cedilla or macron in sight. The Math Interns say it’s probably a random fluctuation and not some sort of institutionalized diacritical bias, but I stopped listening when they got to Poisson distributions (sounds fishy) and queuing theory (boring!)and I remembered why we have so few Math Interns.

The SpecGram Linguomancers claim it is more likely caused by a big giant assibilant hissing ʃpiderpossibly named Grëɣ Grün̈ßërɣ for some reasonleaving orthographic egg sacs behind as she crawls through our onomastic deep structures. Or something like thatthe details are always fuzzy with those Linguomancer-types.

In any event, we have quite the issue for you this monthso stop wasting time here and go read it!

Letters to the Editor
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