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Bestsellers of 2013

At Panini Press, we are Committed to the life and career of the Working Linguistbut All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Vowel. For your Amusement and Edification, we collect here the Bestselling Fiction and Non-Fiction Books of 2013, from Panini Press. All are now available at Fine Book Retailers world-wide.❦पा

  • Twelve Years A Grad Student, by Solomon Northupperlip

  • Speaking, Fast And Slow, by Daniel Koineman

  • The Classic Works of the Breathë Sisters

    • The Colorless Green Dwarf: A Tale in the Perfect Tense, by Charlotte Breathë
    • Vowel Heights, by Emily Breathë

  • C-Command Authority, by Tom Clausey

  • Killing Rasmus, Bill O’Realis

  • The Non-Fiction of Malcolm Gladwell­formedness

    • David and Goliaryngeal: Under­specifi­cations, Misspellings, and the Art of Battling Gibberish
    • Ontologicalizers: The Hierarchy of the Successive Case

  • The Wolf Of Well-Formed Sentences, by Jordan Belfortition

  • The Robert Languedon Series from Dan Borrowin

    • Angle Brackets & Demons
    • The Da Vinci Code-Switch
    • The Lost Schwa
    • Infelicito


Linguistic Rehab—Advertisement
LingDoku IIThe RevivalTangent Wong and the SpecGram Puzzle Elves™
SpecGram Vol CLXIX, No 2 Contents