A Sample of Edictatorial Injunctions/Ruminations..—Trey Jones and Madalena Cruz-Ferreira SpecGram Vol CLXIII, No 3 Contents Editor’s Contractually-Obligated Introduction—Mikael Thompson

And in conjunction with the jubiliant jubilicious jubilee for Trey Jones’s
continued existence as a sentient entity, allow us also to present
The Speculative Grammarian Festschrift
in honor of
Noam Chomsky
on the Mumble-de-Mumpth Anniversary
of his Declaration Ex Cathedra
(as it were)
that Learning Other Languages is Boring1

1 Come on, you know he said it in that interview somewhere. Everyone remembers it. They even allude to it in print. So I could look it up, but why bother? In his honor I prefer to consider it innate, unconscious knowledge constituting part of the native endowment of every American linguist, rather like the concept of a carburetor.

A Sample of Edictatorial Injunctions/Ruminations..Trey Jones and Madalena Cruz-Ferreira
Editor’s Contractually-Obligated IntroductionMikael Thompson
SpecGram Vol CLXIII, No 3 Contents