Lɛ::ŋkθ Mɑ:rk Me::ɪl Ɛ:nhæ::nsmɛ:nt SpecGram Vol CLXIII, No 1 Contents

Bewitched, Bothered, and Begoogled

by Rick Bryan

1. Blue ox of American myth
5. Security equipment company, or abstract data type
8. To yadda yadda yadda
13. Haliaeetus albicilla
14. Operator of a crwth cousin during conflagration of colosseum
16. Ergonomic chair in the Museum of Modern Art
17. What’s in le ciel when it’s overcast in Orléans
19. Jump, or a treaty
20. When your BFF shares too much, it’s _____
21. Dry skin condition, perhaps resulting from too much office copying
23. Bilabial utterance sometimes accompanying horripilation
24. Unicode generalization of a WWW URI
25. Well, the P.M. really put his foot ____, dinne?
27. Fluid flow velocimeter eponym Henri
31. Dora and her ilk
36. Anatomical adjectival for IPA small cap R
38. Second persons
39. What the fly chameleoned as, on the tuba player’s score
40. Belonging to Alcindor, Ayres or poker Randy
42. Home of the first nuclear power plant in New England
43. Archaism used today in the way it names
45. What the face was after a DIY rhinectomy
47. If ’Enery the 8th had a big, big nose, he would have sung, I’m ____
49. I’ll walk you down the _____, Sweetheart.
50. Those Soviet spacecraft didn’t really have CCCP, but ____
51. Here’s that crossword musician, again
53. Church founded to be free from racial, rather than theological, discrimination
56. Neither Shah nor Sultan nor Caliph nor ____ . . .
58. Trustworthy and truthful U.S. President, familiarly
61. Will Durant called it “the first link in the European chain.”
63. Comfortably settled, as if a candle bracket
65. Extraordinarily vast
66. Axe
67. Whence Mahler’s orchestral Lied
68. Whence Apollo and Artemis
69. Voiceless palato-alveolar sibilants
70. A know-it-all might over- this
1  2  3  4         5  6  7                8  9  10  11  12 
13                              14                15         16                             
17                       18                                     19                             
20                       21                              22                23               
                            24                       25                26                      
27  28  29  30                31  32                              33  34  35 
36                              37         38                                                  
39                              40  41                              42                      
43                       44                              45  46                             
47                                                   48         49                             
                     50                              51  52                                    
53  54  55         56                57                              58  59  60 
61                62                63                              64                      
65                                     66                              67                      
68                                            69                       70                      

1. Habit
2. Genus of garden plants with showy spathes and poisonous red berries
3. Sons, as in Sons of the Covenant (Heb.)
4. Instrument used in dynamic endophrenology
5. St. Basil thought it was a “reprehensible temporary madness”
6. _____-Air, “the world’s only carbon-neutral luxury airline”
7. Three Treys together
8. Intense desire, whether physical or intellectual
9. CPU instruction to exit a subprogram and go back to its caller
10. One under a keffiyeh
11. Unit of vacuum pressure
12. What precedes the ’acte, between
15. Largest ring-dike complex of New Hampshire
18. Opposite Entrance A
22. Prior nuclear family of a spouse
26. Second edition of Tomas Ramos’ Darwin Report?
27. Carthaginian, in Rome
28. Snow of Marilyn Chambers
29. Kind of setan your deacher trives?
30. Ukrainian girls with name meaning “sun ray”
32. Godzilla’s daughter’s name’s diminutive’s spelling, Gen-X style?
      33. River shoals self-promoted to islands
34. Gear-shaped part of a spur
35. Elvis’ blue shoes were made of this
37. Common ending of the Great World and the Tiny World (< Gr.)
41. Subjects of Oberon and Titania
44. Vertical dimensions of your 36-32 jeans
46. The Echo in a translation of one Maori creation myth
48. A real guy
52. Caudal feature of arrows’ shafts
53. Kurds’ name for the largest city in S.E. Turkey
54. You take stuff out of it, or use it to blow stuff up
55. Unstable tautomer undergoing conversion to keto form
57. Biopolymers once considered as an undifferentiated mass, now investigated as individual entities
58. City in Israel, or state in Brazil, or U.S. land measure
59. Venerable 7th-century English linguist and historian
60. Synecdochic mondegreen of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
62. Aurum in Tarraconensis, today
64. What something is again, after a renaissance

Bonus QR code puzzle.

If you can complete the crossword and send your solutions to the editors of SpecGram by November 15th, 2011, you could win a SpecGram magnet of your choice. The correct solution and winners, if any, will be announced in the December issue of Speculative Grammarian.

The answers to the EtymGeo™International Edition, Part II puzzle from August are given below:

Cairns, Australia
Natal, Brazil
Man, Côte d’Ivoire
Nice, France
   Bid, India
Metro, Indonesia
Oral, Kazakhstan
Hub, Pakistan
   Perm, Russia
Pate, Taiwan
Van, Turkey
Hue, Vietnam

We had a number of solutions submitted for the EtymGeo™International Edition, Part II. Several were even correct. The winnerswho will each receive a SpecGram magnet of their choiceand others are listed below:

Adam Hesterberg • Eric Chen • Luise Dorenbusch • Scott Collier

Runners Up:
Iris Tome Valencia • T.J. Heins

Bonus QR code solution.

In addition to the EtymGeo™ puzzle, we presented a bonus QR code puzzle, reproduced at right. When decoded, the result is another QR code, shown at left. When that QR code is decoded, the result is, naturally, the word META. The only puzzlemeister to find the solution was Adam Hesterberg, who will be receiving yet another magnet to add to his growing collection.

Lɛ::ŋkθ Mɑ:rk Me::ɪl Ɛ:nhæ::nsmɛ:nt
SpecGram Vol CLXIII, No 1 Contents