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An Inflationary Epoch

A Letter from the Managing Editor

Recently, there has been rather a lot of discussion of cosmolinguistics in the pages of SpecGram. As a recent letter to the editor points out, string theory has not put in an appearance during the discussion. Neither, it seems, has the inflationary model of the early linguoverse. Nonetheless, I am going to cite it as the impetus behind the present expansion of the issue of SpecGram you now hold in your hands. Each issue in 2011 will now be 12.5% bigger than those in 2010. Whether that is a result of negative-pressure vacuum energy density or not is left as an exercise for the reader. Accusations of succumbing to pressure to be vacuously negative and dense will certainly present themselves, but no matter. There is much to report, and so now we are reporting on more of it. That is all!

With that, I offer hearty congratulations to the Chiasmus of the Month Award winner for January 2011!

Federico Gobbo, 2009, Fondamenti di Interlinguistica ed Esperantologia: Pianificazione linguistica e lingue pianificate, Milano: Raffaello Cortina editore.
Chiasmus of the Month
January 2011

Letters to the Editor
SpecGram Vol CLX, No 4 Contents