Preliminary Studies in the Lexicology of Imaginary Language—Dr. I.R. Superordinate SpecGram Vol CLVII, No 3 Contents Titles in Fantasy Linguistics—Announcement from Scholartastic Books
A Menu for Linguists
––– for Unforgettable Conference Dinners –––

The SpecGram Chefs have prepared all of these Gourmet Delights especially for you...

❦ Anapesto
❦ King Crab Clause
❦ Tomato Aspect
❦ Raw Palate with a Sprinkling of Charcoal and Olive Oil
❦ Pickled Epiglottis
❦ Saffron Bread with Green Salad and Nasal Cheese
❦ Rolled Lips in Palm Oil with Capers and Herbs
❦ Sliced Velum with Fried Lice and Soy Sauce
❦ Dried Cheeks with Fresh Tomatoes on Rye Bread
❦ Noodle Soup with Pharyngeal Flavour
❦ Grilled Nostrils on a Stick
❦ Esgarcot with Metathesis Sauce

Main Dishes
❦ Grice Pilaf
❦ Eggs Bloomfield
❦ Chinese Verb Dumplings (no TMA added)
❦ Tender Broca’s Area in its Skull
❦ Steamed Vocal Cords (see them still vibrating!)
❦ Boiled Cleft Palate on a Bed of Palm Hertzes
❦ BBQed Alveoli with Hot Chili Sauce
❦ Mutton-Filled Larynx with Thyme and French Fries
❦ Woodchuck à la Étymologie Folklorique
❦ The Big PRO burger (especially for dieters with a hearty appetite)

Try Our Specialties
––– 6,900 Varieties of Tongue –––
❦ Smoked Advanced Tongue Roots with
              Compact Potatoes and Gravy
❦ Sautéed Tongue Tips with Green Olives and Vegetables
❦ Deep Fried Tongue with Formant Fries and Green Peas

––– The Linguist’s Haggis –––
❦ Lung Sacks filled with Nostrils, Lips, Tongue Tips, Uvulas, Vocal Cords, Vegetables, Oatmeal, Spices, and Salt
       ❧ boiled for 7 hours,
       ❧ garnished with Parsley and Chervil,
       ❧ served with Tongue Root Beer and Fresh Carrot Bread

❦ Alveolar Fudge
❦ Peach Acts
❦ Pie à la Modal
❦ Chocolate-Dipped Uvulas on a Bed of Marzipan
❦ Sweet Tongue Croquettes with Whipped Cream
❦ Dorsal Muffins with Raisins and Berries
❦ Piece of Πie-Gesture
❦ Duo of Thyme & Thyroid
❦ Cream Cricoid Cartilages

For Our Undergrads
❦ Trilled Cheese and Glottal Fries
❦ Feature Matrix (Reheated)

The Pets’ Menu
❦ Iambs

Wine List
❦ Sarkasmus und Sardonismus (Germany, 2001)
A full-bodied white wine from the Mosel region featuring intense fruity notes and relatively high acuteness. Those who love it appreciate most the many subtle undertones present, often missed by the non-Connaisseur.
❦ Pāṇini Pinot Noir (India, 1993)
Grown in what was once the ancient kingdom of Gandhāra, this delicate wine features a light descriptive body with an orderly, fleshy aroma reminiscent of black currants.
❦ Vin de l’Association Phonétique Internationale (France, 1888)
One of the rarest of Champagnes, with only 17 bottles known to remain from the original bottling. A very Sweet wine, with overtones of Passy and Pitman and a hint of Ellis. Only for the most discerning palate!

Also available...
❦ Noamy’s Foamy Brew (USA, Last Week)
A dark, bitter beer that leaves a bad taste in many linguists’ mouths. Cheap and easily obtained. Available by the can or keg.

Your Chefs
❦ Bill Spruiell
❦ Daniela Müller
❦ David J. Peterson
❦ Jonathan van der Meer
❦ Jouni Maho
❦ Keith Slater
❦ Sheri Wells-Jensen
❦ Trey Jones

Preliminary Studies in the Lexicology of Imaginary Language—Dr. I.R. Superordinate
Titles in Fantasy Linguistics—Announcement from Scholartastic Books
SpecGram Vol CLVII, No 3 Contents