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And Now a Brief Message to/from Our Sponsors

A Letter from the Managing Editor

As everyone who has had even the briefest dalliance with SpecGram over the decades (my, how they fly by!) surely knows, Psammeticus Press has been a steadfast publishing partner of SpecGram for quite some timea hugely productive and profitable relationship that developed as an outgrowth of SpecGram’s friendly (but ultimately fatal) competition with the now defunct Psammeticus Quarterly. Astute readers will notice, however, that advertising from PsPress has been on the wane for a while now; we go through these dry spells from time to timedriven by economic swings, intellectual and academic fads, and, historically, interpersonal issues between the editors of the two institutions. (Though nothing like that is going on now, really! The last “incident” occurred when we stole all their best editors, back in the late 80’s, leading to the eventual shuttering of PsQ’s presses.)

So, while our relationship with the folks over at Psammeticus is as rock-solid as ever, we have decided to engage in a bit of publishing partner polyamory after a seriously seductive bid (including, SpecGram stockholders will note, spectacularly improved retainer fees, advertising rates, and sales commissions) from a newcomer to linguistic publishing: Panini Press. While the editors at Psammeticus and Panini seem to have already experienced a few of those interpersonal issues alluded to above, we at SpecGram are quite confident that we have enough Linguistic Love to spread around.

Letters to the Editor
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