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Past Tense, Present Mood, Future Voice

A Letter from the Managing Editor

The past couple of months have been a rather tense time, here in the SpecGram offices. Especially August, when we published those two special monographs. Monograph authors can be troublesome. Their heads swell up and they think they are “hot snot on a silver platter” when they may be nothing more than “cold boogers on a paper plate”, as we hear the kids are saying these days. Now, Rye and O’Shaughnessy were nice enough, and not too demanding. But Kaithe was over the topdemanding a personal dressing room and a big bowl of red M&Ms at every stop on the press junket. What a prima donna! But that is all behind us now.

The collective editorial mood, at present, is much more serene. The current (September) issue of SpecGram, which you have in your hot little hands at this very moment, is of the highest caliber, as per usual. However, in an unusual move, we have decided to additionally offer you, the reader, a mediocre caliper (at right). If you are asking yourself “Why do I need a caliper?” (a question that comes up more often than you might think), the best answer I can give is that you might confuse phonology with phrenology (it has happened before!).

In the near futureOctober to be precisethe editors of SpecGram will be voicing our discontent with not being invited to speak, present, or officiate (and we must point out that we are quite good at being officious, which is nearly the same thing) at the upcoming “Perspectives on the Morphome” conference. So, we will be presenting our own perspectives on all things morphome in the upcoming October Special Issue.

With that, I offer hearty congratulations to the Chiasmus of the Month Award winner for September 2010!

E. Adelaide Hahn, 1941, “Quintilian on Greek letters lacking in Latin and Latin letters lacking in Greek (12.10.27-29)”. In Language 17 (1); 24-32.
Chiasmus of the Month
September 2010

Letters to the Editor
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