Ps. Q. Vol XVI, No 4 Contents Letters to Atticus

From the Editors

It is with heavy hearts that we announce to our readers the most important linguistic news of the decade: Psammeticus Quarterly is shutting down. Mr. Slater is departing for China this fall, while Mr. Pulju is going to the even more alien land of Texas. But impending dissolution has not caused any dropoff in the quality of the current number. As is our custom in the August issue, the linguistic cartoon has been replaced with “The Poets’ Corner,” a treasury of the best poems written on linguistic topics over the past year. In addition, this number contains some truly important articles, with earth-shattering reports on the Native Speaker Fallacy, Kimatuúmbi vowel harmony, the English indefinite article, and the original human language. We are certain that you will find these articles enlightening.

Perhaps the most distressing result of cessation of publication is that we will be unable to print a number of truly outstanding articles which we recently received. We must extend our apologies to Drs. Bresnan, Givón, Gazdar, Chafe, Watkins and Yarlagadda. We will forward your submissions to our friends at Psychology Today.

In conclusion, we would like to thank our fellow editors, our contributors, our readers, and soon-to-be former House Speaker Jim Wright. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Letters to Atticus
Ps. Q. Vol XVI, No 4 Contents