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From the Editors

In many ways, 1988 was a landmark year here at Ps. Q.. The largest volume of reader responses in our history jammed the mailroom in March, as scholars debated professor Weltschrift’s definition (Ps. Q. XV, No. 2) of a noun as “any ontological entity,” and a verb as “anything else.” Responses ran 2 to 1 in Weltschrift’s favor.

We were also pleased to obtain exclusive rights to the previously unknown diaries of Leonard Bloomfield, which were fortuitously uncovered in excavations on Canberra in June. We will continue to publish the diaries here in installments, as they are deciphered.

As we move into 1989, we are pleased to present out new staff cartoonist, Porcus Pisces. Dr. Pisces has been hired to fill the considerable void left by the unexpected departure of Alessandro Filipepi, who deserted us in January to become chief cartoonist for the MIT Student Daily. We plan to get even with Benedict Sandro: by leaving the state, he violated the terms of his recent parole, and can expect to be back in the slammer pretty quick if the Michigan parole board should happen to find out.

In addition to Dr. Pisces’ wit, Vol. XVI, No. 2 contains a number of other insightful works. As usual, the articles represent a variety of areas of inquiry; of course, we have selected for publication only the finest of the submissions we received. Particularly poor works, such as those submitted by K. Pike and R. Everett, ended up in the circular file.

Reader’s Forum—Letters to the Editors
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