SpecGram Vol CXLIX, No 3 Contents Letters to the Editor

So That Explains It!

A Letter from the Managing Editor

In this issue you will find, along with our usual collection of high-quality articles, a high-quality meta-article from vonn Güügënschnëchtën and d'Qi that does a pretty good job of explaining at least one reason why Speculative Grammarian articles are usually of such high quality. And here our detractors have been saying things like our editors and reviewers are just too lazy to publish a boring forty page article on syntax, and that we make half of our articles up out of thin air. Ha!

Also of great interest to language purists of every ilk, an announcement from the newly formed Original English Movement is sure to shake up English-language prescriptivists, reformers, and electric banjo players the world over. I can't say I agree with their goals, but they do make a good point.

And for those who are keeping score at home, the covers for the issues so far in this volume have featured Jakob Grimm, James Murray of OED fame, and Sir William Jones. The as yet mysterious linguist who will grace the cover of the next issue will remain, for now, a secret... though I can and must categorically deny that it will be Panini.

Finally, finding that my column-inch requirements are met for this issue, I must wish you, Gentle Reader, good reading and bid you adieu.

Letters to the Editor
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