Orthographically-Conditioned Morphology—CJ Quines SpecGram Vol CXCII, No 3 Contents An Overview of the Wai-It Language—Zeke Gothedeer

Celebration Denunciation Notice of
Insurrection Revolution Disorder
Quashing Quenching Quellment and
Arrogated Entreated Negotiated
Terrorist Revolutionista Objector
Diatribe Manifesto Statement

in partial fulfillment of various binding arbitration agreements
among the plaintiffs, defendant, their respective counsel,
sundry affected editors and interns, interested third-party entities,
and immaterial fourth-person entelechies, relevant to the case of

Speculative Grammarian Task Force for Wanton Innovation v.
Office of the Editor-in-Chief of Speculative Grammarian

Docket #87–1729 (MV)

It is hereby decreedby His Mighty Righteousness, Lord Arbiter Modulo Votangus, of the Manitoba/South Australia District of Speculative Grammarian’s Comparative Court of Arbitration, from the twin courtrooms of Pek­wachna­may­kosk­wask­way­pin­wanik Lake/Mamung­kukum­purang­kun­tjunya Hillthat:

Orthographically-Conditioned MorphologyCJ Quines
An Overview of the Wai-It LanguageZeke Gothedeer
SpecGram Vol CXCII, No 3 Contents