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/nuz baɪts/

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Prescriptive Superciliousness Reaches Dangerous New Highs

The cause of prescriptivists has received a recent boost due to a rather intriguing incident in Sludgebutt, Pennsylvania. Billy Bob and Sylvania Fudgenugget felt that their relationship could do with a quick spruce-up. Imagine their surprise when, due to a data entry error, they were confronted with a five-time state champion martial arts coach and not the marital arts expert they thought they had booked. The local dojo was, however, very pleased to receive a very detailed and effective session of relationship maintenance and dealing with internalized anger. The five eldest members are very pleased to announce that they took their spouses out on lovely dates.

In response to a request for comment from SpecGram, Chief Condescension Officer Snorten Loudly, of the World Association of Superior Prescriptivists, said, “We told you this would happen! Our twenty years of work correcting grammar online is now fully justified.”

This statement led to an angry response from the World Association of Superior Typesetting Excellence, who complained about the misuse of the word “justified.”

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