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A Letter from Senior Editor Jonathan Downie

Most expensive readers,

Given our commitment to be committed to causes that seem prima facie respectable, it has come to our notice that some clarifications are in order. Apparently, our work has led to some unfortunate confusionconfusion that we would like to separate from the fortunate confusion that drives merchandise sales.

Mi-Cha Flubacher, 2014, Integration Durch SpracheDie Sprache Der Integration: Eine Kritische Diskurs­analyse Zur Rolle Der Sprache in Der Schweizer Und Basler Integrations­politik 1998–2008, Göttingen: V&R unipress.

Chiasmus of the Month
October 2020

For a start, while Speculative Grammarian is and always has been a bastion of open access, we use neither the Green Open Access model nor the Gold Open Access model. Instead, we use the Fuchsia Open Access Model. We don’t actually know what that means but it’s better than the brown model of some other journals. It probably involves baseball caps and double-dot wide-o underwear.

Similarly, it’s important to be able to tell the difference between the two IPAs: the International Phonetic Alphabet and India pale ale. Overconsumption of one will leave you in a blubbering mess, with a headache and few friends. The other is an alcoholic drink.

We must also delineate our own satirical publication from publications that accept anyone’s work simply for the right fee. The difference between Speculative Grammarian and these other, predatory, publications is simple. We don’t charge a fee, and we don’t accept absolutely everything. In fact, we have a very strenuous and strict process. Everything you submit is read by one or more editors. Writings that lead to keyboards being replaced due to the fast spread of laugh-spittle make the cut, along with terrible linguistic puns and attempts to link phonetics and farting.1 Articles that have nothing to do with language or which are as entertaining as a trip to the Museum of Meta-Theoretical Proto-Archaeo-Psycho-Glottostatistics don’t.

In this issue, you will find plenty of evidence of our standards and quality.2 If that doesn’t convince you to submit something, nothing will.

1 Incidentally, “Phonetics and Farting” would make a fabulous book title.3

2 Make of that what you will.

3 We also evidently take footnote4 jokes.5

4 Like this one.6

5 For a given definition of “joke”.

6 That’s enough.

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