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Series Announcement from Xerus & Ratufa Press

Studies in Contemporary Vietnamese Influences on English

Xerus & Ratufa are inordinately pleased to announce our latest offerings for the better, more discerning sort of linguist: Studies in Contemporary Vietnamese Influences on English. With the spread of Vietnamese cuisine around the world, the language of its creators has spread with it, altering phonological systems everywhere. Xerus & Ratufa Editor-in-Chief Bill Coyne-Buckslightener states, “Historical linguists have often reconstructed instances where under conditions of language contact, earlier restricted distributions have been broadened, such as the phonemicization of voiced obstruents elsewhere than between two voiced segments thanks to Dutch. Similarly, the spread of Vietnamese cuisine has finally resulted in many varieties of English with word-final /ʌ/. Thus, our new series not only analyzes this new development in exhaustive fashion, it celebrates it.” With contributions by 542 linguists from every linguistic school except glossomatics, our new series will be a true treasure trove of linguistic delicacies from the gỏi cuốn of the historical overview to the chè trôi nước of the annotated bibliography that will leave you hungry for more in much less than an hour:

Special offer for the first 100 customers: All five volumes available in a leather-bound box set for a mere $12,000.

Advance reviews are most positive:

“They do make us look cheap.”
—Anonymous reviewer for Mouton-de Gruyter

“Can you even charge that? We never dared!”
—Anonymous reviewer for Brill

“One of the hazards Vietnamese refugees faced on the high seas was Vietnamese pirates. The refugees did well for themselves in the New Worldnow it’s the others’ turn.”
—Mongo Yalbag, Independent Scholar

And for the less discerning linguist, we also offer the following ancillary materials.

Up-to-date insiders’ Vietnamese restaurant guides:

Cookbooks and personal health:

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SpecGram Vol CLXXXVIII, No 2 Contents