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Vagarious Variable Vinegar Valentines Variety Vault

As Valentine’s Day rolls around once again, we at SpecGram recognize that not everyone has a special someone to spend the day with. Some people have no one; pity unto them. But the real losers on Valentine’s Day are those who have someone, just not someone who is particularly special.

Whether it’s a creeper, a stalker, a jilted ex, or just a poor misguided soul who is a little too thick to take a hint, these Vinegar Valentinesa genre which rose to popularity in the late 19th centurywill help you let them down, albeit none too gently.

Below is a random sample of our Vinegar Valentines for 2020. (Reload the page for a new sample.) The full collection is available in higher resolution on the SpecGram website.

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Virtual NLP DiceThe SpecGram Überlinguistaffen
SpecGram Vol CLXXXVI, No 4 Contents