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Crossword for Young Linguists

Uncle Avga Ah Morbror
SpecGram Avuncular Editor


It’s back-to-school time, and to celebrate we’ve put together this crossword for young linguists. To keep things relatively simple, there’s only one clue that applies to every item in the crossword: A well-known field of linguistics.

Since the young ones tend to need a little more help, there are also a couple of hints: all but one of the answers consist of only one word, and no answer includes linguistics as a separate word (e.g., “historical linguistics” would go into the grid as just “historical”).

If you’re a young linguistages 85 and under!and you think you’ve figure out the puzzle, submit your solution to the editors of SpecGram by September 15, 2019, and you could win a prize. The solution and winners will be announced in the upcoming October issue.

The solutions to last month’s puzzle, Mix & Match ☞, are provided here. The nine 9-letter words from the first puzzle are: dysphasia, intraoral, accepting, ex delicto, responder, eucalypti, sociolect, ideograph, subsystem; and the three additional words are: haplology, algorithm, diaeresis. For the second puzzle, the nine words are: specifier, dropforge, construct, unclutter, notabilia, euxanthic, invariant, acrologue, segmented; and the three additional words are: fortition, retracted, pronounce. Each of the puzzlemeisters below will receive some moderately desirable SpecGram merch:

Lieselotte AnderwaldVincent FishThorsten SchröterKeith Slater

SpecGram Language Placement ServicesAdvertisement
SpecGram Vol CLXXXV, No 3 Contents